Baltimore County couple first hired Legacy Restorations to renovate their home’s master suite and update the master bath. Recommended by the couple’s architect, Legacy Restorations worked with the homeowners to design a sleek new space with more storage and some high-tech features, including a flat screen TV with speakers in the shower, and electrical outlets in the closet drawers.

“We were incredibly impressed by their ingenuity when they sealed off the master suite area and built an outside stairway leading to the window of the suite for a workers’ entrance. They were amazingly clean and respectful of our living space.”

Two years later, when the homeowners decided to renovate their kitchen, they immediately called Legacy Restorations. In addition to updating the kitchen itself, they wanted better access to the pool through the kitchen. The solution: an adjacent walkway with a custom-made door that blended into the framework of the kitchen, seamlessly joining the two areas.

In collaboration with kitchen designer Trish Houck and interior designer Rebecca Von Eiff, Legacy Restorations managed the project with an organizational system used for large real estate projects. The technique kept the remodeling schedule on track down to the day.

“Totally respectful. Punctual. Completely honest. We would recommend them for anything. Everyone who has used them recognizes how first-class perfect they are.”


Legacy Restorations, Inc.

Legacy Restorations, Inc.
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